Welcome to WebMoney Transfer — the global settlement system and environment for online business activities, established in 1998.

WebMoney Transfer Technology is based on providing all its users with unique interfaces that allow to operate and control individual property rights for valuables (assets), stored at the specialized entities — the Guarantors.

All Guarantors — participants of the System are located in various jurisdictions and store valuables of various legal nature. Specific features of transactions with proprietary rights for values stored by each Guarantor, as well as their measurement units and the Guarantor’s obligations to exchange those proprietary rights with the currency of the country of its registration, are set out in the Agreements adopted respectively by every member of the System in the course of registering a ‘Purse’, which serves as the accounting attribute of the proprietary rights.

All Purses in the System have a 12-digits identification number and a prefix, belonging to a corresponding Guarantor.

The System supports several types of Purses, that keep record of valuables property rights of corresponding types:

  • R-Purse WMR — Bearer's bank cheque in Russian Rubles
  • Z-Purse WMZ — Goods certificate,  in USD
  • E-Purse WME — Bearer's bank cheque in EUR
  • U-Purse WMU — Bank account claims in UAH
  • B-Purse WMB — Electronic Belorussian Roubles  
  • G-Purse WMG — Warehouse receipt for stock Gold in a certified storage area
  • V-Check WMV — Prepaid transfer in Vietnamese Dongs
  • X-purse WMX — Stored property rights to publish entries in the global public database of the bitcoin.org network.

The units of measurement of the valuables' property rights stored by the guarantor are WebMoney Title Units (WM) of the corresponding type.

System Users can open as many purses from any Guarantor as needed, that is why Purses belonging to one User are combined into a single repository (Keeper) under a unique identification number — WMID. WMID operation modes description, as well as conditions of its usage are described in the Agreement on Property Rights Transfer, which is accepted by every member who joins the system.

WMID allows the System's member not only to perform operations with Purses, but also to exchange legally binding messages with other members and enter into contracts. 

Depending on your technical capabilities, available resources or specific demands, WebMoney provides you with various tools to assist in performing operations and transactions within the System:

  • Keeper Classic — a standalone professional application for Windows, which can be downloaded and then installed onto your PC
  • Keeper Light — a browser application with the personal certificate. All operations are routed via secure https connection
  • Keeper Mini —  a browser application with basic functionality
  • Keeper Mobile — a mobile application, enabling the operation of an account via any mobile device or cell phone, that supports Java. 
In addition, there is a specialized version (Keeper Embedded), developed for social networks such as Facebook.com, vkontakte.ru, classmates, etc.


To interact with members of the System, each user provides the necessary personal identification data, which is checked and verified via WebMoney Verification Center. Each user obtains so called WebMoney-Passport — a digital document, created on the basis of the provided personal data.

Based on transactions with other members by means of exchanging property rights, the system calculates the public parameter for each member — business-level (BUSINESS LEVEL).

WebMoney Passport Data  and BL value can be seen in the WM Keeper dialogue box when dealing with a specific user, as well as on the pages of System services.

Attention! You can only transfer funds between purses of equal e-currency (that is from R to R-Purse only, from Z to Z-Purse, etc.); all other transactions are considered to be exchange operations and can only be carried out using Exchange services.

All translations in WebMoney title units in the System are final and irrevocable.

WM Transfer Ltd is the owner and administrator of WebMoney Transfer System, The software is developed by CJSC "Computing Forces", a company that also provides technical support and maintenance.

Each group of WM units is issued by a duly authorized company (the Guarantor):

Other companies not mentioned in this list are authorized dealers or independent exchange offices only. WebMoney is not liable for their actions. Unauthorized use of trademarks, names, logos and company symbols can lead to expulsion from the System and can result in blocking of access to WM Accounts.

The usage of WEBMONEY and WEBMONEY TRANSFER graphic logos by the site holders is authorized by trademark owners.
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