WM Keeper Classic History

WebMoney Keeper ver. released 19.01.2009

New! Verification via finger-prints:

  • Changes in login dialogue box:
    • if no WMID's are set-up as default account, choose the first from the list of accounts, installed on the computer.

    WebMoney Keeper ver. released 09.04.2008
    • When a customer is trying to transfer funds to unauthorized recipient, a warnining message pops-up, showing recipient details, suggesting either to add him to the Contact List or reject the transaction;
    • improved interrraction with Login.WebMoney Service;
    • New chat feature - when sending a message to several correspondents, pick up all correspondents from his group by pressing Ctrl+Shift+M.
    WebMoney Keeper ver. released 05.02.2008
    • You can now select WMID via context menu in the system tray, that is used to enter various sites (supporting WebMoney.Login);
    • New context menu in the system tray;
    • When paying via Merchant using ActiveX you now need to enter confirmation code;
    WebMoney Keeper ver. released 21.01.2008
    • New: You can now enter the sites, that use Login.WebMoney, via any browser and without ActiveX;
    • List of operations: now has a field containing type of operation;
    • Incoming events and transactions - updated icon;
    • "Find and add contact" wizard now has WMID field and an icon, showing WM Passport type.
    WebMoney Keeper ver. released 11.12.2007
    • Names from your Contact List are now stored at the WM server, and not at the Purses file;
    • You can now return unfinished incoming code-protected payment to the Sender (Operations/right-click/Select "Return");
    • Get to WebMoney Wiki in one click;
    • WM Passport type is shown in the dialogue box next to the name;
    • New icons design for passports, purses, toolbar buttons;
    • WebMoney Advisor is now added to the installation wizard;
    WebMoney Keeper Classic. Version (release date 24.10.2007)
    • WM-card (Paymer check) can be redeemd to WM-Purse directly from the Top-up Wizard;
    • Some updates at WM-Chat:
      • if a message/request contains wmid or purse number from someone at your contact list, you will see his/her nick name or contact name.
    WebMoney Keeper Classic. Version (release date 13.08.2007)
    • WebMoney Transaction Wizard:
      • "Description" field increased;
      • When "Amount" field got focused, it shows a pop-up window with final amount including outgoing transaction fee;
      • When changing Purse number at the "From" field to another Purse of the same currency, amount and payment details entered before are not cleared;
      • When choosing a recipients's Purse at the "To" field from "My Contacts" an amount, entered before is not cleared;
      • User gets a warning message when trying to enter the inadmissible character at the Amount field;
      • link to FAQ about code-protected transactions;
      • A link to the Invoice details when paying the Invoice;
    • Invoice Wizard:
      • Length of the description field, that was limited by the entry field width - corrected now;
    • Log-in password change dialogues:
      • Current input language and Caps Lock indication changed in the input field and password change dialogue;
    • Outgoing Invoices List:
      • When choosing "Repeat" from the context menu, all previous invoice parameters are repeated;
    • Chat window:
      • Outgoing text window with text formatting features;
      • TrueType font in the chat;
      • Right-click on the link opens a context menu that allows to open the link and copy it to the clipboard;
    • Hotkeys support:
      • Main window:
        • F5 - refresh;
        • Ctrl+F - find contact;
        • Ctrl+W - send WM;
        • Ctrl+I - issue invoice;
        • Ctrl+M - create a message;
        • Ctrl+C - copy contact's wmid and Purse Number;
        • Alt+Enter - properties;
        • Alt+C - copy your own wmid to the clipboard;
        • F1 - WM help Desk;
      • Chat window
        • Ctrl+F - find text;
        • Ctrl+H - history;
        • Ctrl+W - send WM;
        • Ctrl+I - issue invoice;
        • Ctrl+Q - quote;
        • Ctrl+Shift+C - copy wmid;
        • Ctrl+U - contact details;
        • Formatting selected text fragment;
        • Ctrl+Shift+B - bold;
        • Ctrl+Shift+I - italic;
        • Ctrl+Shift+U - underlined;
        • Ctrl+Shift+S - stroked trough;
        • Ctrl+Shift+Q - quoting;
    • System tray:
      • New icons in the system tray (requires Color quality: Highest (32-bit), Win2003, WinXP and higher);
      • Events processing improved:
        • Double-click on the icon at the system tray:
          • Shows program main menu, if it is hidden or partially closed by other windows;
          • Hides all program windows if the main window is shown completely;
        • Right-click on the icon at the system tray:
          • Shows main program window and calls context menu;
        • Left-click on the new event message is processed depending on the event type:
          • New message - opens chat window with this message;
          • Incoming funds - opens dialogue with transaction details;
          • Incoming invoice - opens dialogue with invoice details;
          • Rejecting incoming invoice - opens dialogue with invoice detail;
    • When paying via Click & Buy - situation when no enough funds were at the chosen purse to pay for the goods/services is now corrected
    WebMoney Keeper Classic. Version (release date 19.07.2007)
    • Supports WMG-Purses ;
    • WebMoney Funds Transfer Wizard:
      • Autocomplete List feature is added for "Remarks" field.
    • Invoice Issue Wizard
      • Autocomplete List feature is added for "Remarks" field.;
      • Autocomplete List feature is added for "Delivery Address" field.
    • Transaction dialogue box:
      • "Remarks" field size is extended;
      • Links at the "Remarks" field are clickable;
      • New option "Copy all" at the Context Menu (copy all text without highlighting it).
    • Find Contact Wizard:
      • Found Contact information (bottom of the page) now has a quick link to main operatioand history.
    • Enum-Authorization interface updated;
    • Time-protected transaction doesn't re-appear when Keeper is relaunched or when it has been already viewed once;
    WebMoney Keeper Classic. Version (release date 03.07.2007)
    • Dialogue boxes updated:
      • Add a Contact;
      • Send WebMoney;
      • Issue Invoice;
      • Create a Purse;
      • Add Funds to Purse;
      • Contact Options;
      • Program settings;
      • View Transaction;
      • View Invoice;
    • New wizard dialogues:
      • "Add funds from own Purses";
      • "Top-up ATM-Card";
      • "Data export " to csv file;
    • New transaction protection: time-protected.
      When using such type of protection, no protection-code is required! Funds become available to the Recepient automatically upon protection period expiration. Advantage of such protection method: Seller is protected from not-receiving protection code in time, whike the Buyer can appeal against funds transfer in teh Arbitration Service before the protection period expires.


    WebMoney Keeper Classic. Version (release date 12.01.2006)

    • WM Keeper now supports WM Transfer Debt Service;
      • "Trust Limits" page has been added to the "Information about correspondent" and "Personal Information" dialogue boxes;
      • appropriate lines were added to the context menu of the correspondents list.
    • Debit cards, issued by  WebMoney Banque Cards service, are now shown in the Purses list.
      • - Keeper shows type of a card, its number and balance;
      • double-click on the card in the list to be redirected to the Cards Page;
      • Right-cilck on a card to see the cards menu ("Add funds ...", "Update balance").


    WebMoney Keeper Classic. Version (release date 17.10.2006)

    • Changes in the new WebMoney Transfer user registration procedure:
      • The registration begins on the WM website and is completed in the WM Keeper software. Enter your registration code in the WM Keeper to complete registration. In most cases, the code is entered automatically when you mouse-click on the registration wizard link
    • New features in WM-chat:
      • Display of passport type
      • New paragraph initiated by pressing Enter
    • Disable the installed plug-ins. The corresponding active element is located in the Plug-ins tab of the Settings section
    • Changes to the mail plug-in:
      • Mail checked automatically when Keeper connects to the server
      • Unread messages displayed when the number of messages changes
      • A context menu option is available to send a message to a listed user

    WM Keeper Classic Version (release date 06.10.2006)

    • Added support to WMB-purses
    • Enum-authorization module updated
    • Sound alerts when new invoices, messages, and transfers received (see folder С:\Program Files\WebMoney\Sounds)
    • Drag & drop to transfer WM between purses of the same type
    • Fixed: an empty chat window after a double-click on a paid invoice in the list of incoming invoices
    • Installer fix: all agreements in one file

    WM Keeper Classic Version (release date 27.06.2006)

    • New features:
      • Displays new invoices and transactions in the Chat window’s "Incoming" list
      • Displays the 5 previous messages when opening the Chat window
    • Chat window improvements:
      • After clicking "Insert a citation" the last message is quoted unless a selection from the chat window is highlighted
      • A WM-ID (a combination of 12 digits) appears as a hyperlink in a message window and clicking it opens a context menu
      • A purse number (a combination of 12 digits) appears as a hyperlink in a message window  and clicking it opens a "Send WM" dialogue window
    • Hovering the mouse cursor over the WM Keeper icon in the task bar (system tray) displays its current status plus your ID, eg "Online 012345678912". This is ideal when managing several simultaneous sessions of WebMoney Keeper Classic
    • When you find users, you can add them to a particular user group
    • Improvements to wrong password dialogue screen
    • Warning when you try to pay a bill with insufficient funds, and a hint for the amount required by your purse
    • You can now press F2 to edit:
      • The user name or user group name in the user list
      • The purse name in the purse list
    • Comments regarding transactions and invoices are now REQUIRED
    • A new autocomplete function in the following windows (press the "down arrow" button to activate the list of autocomplete options):
      • The Comment window of the Send WebMoney dialogue screen (select from all comments in the transactions history)
      • The Comment window of the Send invoice dialogue screen (select from all comments in the invoice history)
      • The WM-ID field of the log-in dialogue screen (select from all WM-IDs stored on the computer)
      • The WM-ID field of the Send invoice dialogue screen (select from all WM-IDs that invoices have been sent to)
    • Comments for incoming invoices in the "Incoming" window
    • Improved links from WM Keeper (minor problems were previously experienced on computers with several browsers installed)


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