1. Manually
  2. Escrow: secure transactions

 To freelancers: how to accept WebMoney

Right after registration in the System you can accept WebMoney payments by two ways:

  1. Inform the customer of your WebMoney purse number.  The customer will transfer funds from his or her purse or top-up your purse by cash or from a bank account.
  2. Find out the WM identifier (WMID) of the customer and send an invoice for payment using WebMoney Keeper.
  3. You can also issue an invoice by creating a PayLink and sharing it via a message on a social network or as a link on your own website. Payment can be made with WebMoney, bitcoins or by a bank card.

The Customer does not want to prepay?

Propose the customer to prepay by protected money transfer:

  • Code protection: you can use money only if the protection code is entered correctly.  This code is known to the money sender only.
  • Time protection: the sender specifies the term during which you can not use the received money.

You will see that the money has been sent and start working on a project.  And the customer will be secure because you will not be able to "receive prepayment and disappear".

Find more infornation on protected payment at WebMoney Wiki.