Exchange Operations

In WebMoney, you can exchange the WM title units of the same type to other in several ways:

  1. Via built-in exchange of WebMoney Keeper.

    The most convenient and fastest way to exchange. Exchange takes place instantly. Exchange tool is implemented on the basis of exchange service wm.exchanger.ru and works on its average rate.

    Operation of exchange is available in the menu of Keeper:

    • WebMoney Keeper Standard

      In your account under "You may" section click "Exchange", select exchange direction, enter the amount to share and click "Exchange".

    • WebMoney Keeper WinPro

      In your WebMoney Keeper WinPro in the Menu, select "Exchange WM* to WM*...", specify the direction and amount of the exchange, press "Next" and confirm the operation.

    • WebMoney Keeper WebPro

      In your WebMoney Keeper WebPro in menu "Purses" select "Exchange WM* to WM* ...", indicate the direction of the exchange and the amount, press " Exchange" and confirm the operation.

  2. Currency exchange through WM Exchanger.

    This is the most convenient way to exchange, but it takes time. Exchange is carried out on the website of the Stock exchange via satisfaction of the application from the current request list, or by submitting an application on own rate with expectation, when it will be satisfied by another member of the system, and it will be exchanged. It means that you can set the request for an exchange at the best rate, but remember that overvalued exchange may have to wait a long time when the application will be satisfied, and the exchange is completed.

  3. Exchange via online exchange services.

    This version of the exchange is an alternative exchange built in your WebMoney Keeper. The exchange is made in the automatic exchange tools the list on the website. These exchange services are commercial projects participating in the system with the Merchant passport. Exchange rates in different exchange tools are different, and to find the most beneficial one, you need to see all the offers.