Registration in the WebMoney system includes four steps

Registration in the System is available only via WebMoney Keeper application

WebMoney Keeper App for mobile devices

  1. Click on "Sign Up"

    Next, enter your mobile phone number in the international format.

    A phone is used for:

    • for the safety of transactions through SMS-code for payment confirmation;
    • for searching WMID and to quickly restore access.
  2. Create a selfie

    A selfy is used for:

    • for the safety of transactions through FACE-control for payment confirmation (feature is being developed);
    • for a quick restoration procedure.
  3. Phone-number confirmation

    Enter the activation code sent to you via SMS and click on "Continue".

    If the confirmation code was not received, then check the correctness of the phone number. If the mobile phone number is correct, but you can't receive a code, we advise you to create an appeal to the WM Technical Support service, be sure to indicate the number of your mobile phone and the name of your mobile operator in the appeal.

  4. Checking for registrations already associated with the specified phone number

    After typing in the confirmation code the System will check if there are any existing registrations made with it, and after finding any, you will be prompted to log in to an existing WMID or to create a new one (re-register).

    If no registrations is found, you will be redirected to the password creating page.

  5. Set the password to your purse

    Use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers (0-9), and special characters.

    Try to set a password that you can remember, as it is the safest way to store it.



You are user of the WebMoney system .

To increase the limits you need to receive a certificate at a higher level. More information about all types of limits and how to change or cancel them is available   on the page   Financial constraints .