1. Widget/button
  2. Web Merchant Interface
  3. Crowdfunding
  4. Built-in payments
  5. Regular payments
  6. Payments to
    bank accounts
  7. Manually
  8. API

Crowdfunding using WebMoney

Carry out crowdfunding for your projects and fundraising using WebMoney tools. Get the code for the widget or button and place them on any website. People will be able to transfer funds from WebMoney-purses or cell-phones accounts. 




WebMoney Funding

Soliciting money for the implementation of your creative, scientific, manufacturing and charity projects on the basis that free-will donations can be made using the WebMoney Funding platform.

The service allows you to make joint purchases and various activities. 

Prior to it starting to work, the project initiator must register and place a detailed description of the project on the Funding.webmoney.ru.

WebMoney Funding Service is located at the address Funding.webmoney.ru