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For Online Services and Projects: Regular WebMoney payments

Online services and projects can receive regular payments from clients’ WM-purses automatically. Example: automatic prolongation of an online service, periodic replenishment of the client’s account, etc.

Setting trust for merchant payments (Interface X21)

Allows the user  to set trust just once to have payments written off the purse regularly (ref. to the interface for transferring funds from one purse to another (Interface X2). Client confirms setting trust by generating an SMS-code or a reply to a USSD-query.

More read in the WebMoney Wiki knowledge base.

Rebills regular payments

If you are registered as a service provider on Telepay.WebMoney, use Rebills. It is designed to sign users up for intermittent operations: direct account debiting, receipt of account statements or dispatch of reminder messages.

Read more read on the Rebills page: for sellers.