The choice of method for receiving payments

Our system does not charge any additional fees on merchants for the use of interfaces offered. If you want to be able to accpet payments for your services, there are several ways:

  • Easy way

    You can place a number of purse on the page of your website with an indication of information that you accept payments on this purse for your services. This method is the most simple, but it requires your attention, as periodically it is necessary to check the fact of payment to your purse. This option is not suitable for online stores that sell electronic goods, since the buyer wants to get the goods immediately after payment and do not want to wait.

  • Automatic receipt of payments

    The best way to payment acceptance is Web Merchant Interface. Working with this interface does not depend on the type of WM Keeper, also Web Merchant Interface is integrated in such services as as Capitaller, WebMoney Processing. All popular CMS have modules to work with the interface.
    To receive payment by this method on the website, it is necessary to place a button clicking on which will start the payment process. If you cannot create such a button on your own, we recommend taking advantage of setup wizard, which will allow you to create the necessary button and its code in a few clicks.

    Using this interface allows "shifting" the entire payment process to our system. To make a payment, a user will be transferred to our website for authorization and confirmation of payment. After completion of the process of payment, the interface will take the user back to your website and notify your script on the made payments wth certain parameters.

  • Payment using the widget

    Setup wizard allowing creation of not only a button to pay but also a small widget that will interact with our system in the background, and you do not need to transfer the buyer to our website to make a payment. After paying our server will notify you about the payment.

  • Subscription fee

    Portal owners who want to implement a subscription fee from their customers, can use API, for these pursposes offered by the System. During the first payment, the buyer provides the seller with the possibility of limited funds withdrawal from his /her purse. After installation of such an authorization, the seller can withdraw funds from the purse of the buyer with a certain periodicity. Implementation of this method requires some programming skills.