Budget and Accounting Automation Tools

Budget and Accounting Automation Tools are designed for easy operation of legal individuals in WebMoney.

Accounting Tool is a type passport for professional members.Accounting Tool Passport is issued to the representatives of legal persons for self-integration of own software with WebMoney services using Merchant WebMoney and XML-interfaces, offered by WebMoney Transfer. This passport is issued automatically (for free) after the submission of documents of a legal entity and conclusion of the agreement with one of the Guarantors of the system. Working with purse is made through one of the versions of WM Keeper WinPro, or WM Keeper WebPro. A detailed description of the process of registration of the Accounting Tool.

Budget Automation Tool (BA) Capitalleris a specialized web-version of WM Keeper, designed for joint managing of WM-purses and funds on them in the interests of a group of WebMoney Transfer members, united to work together to get profit. This version of the software is designed for organizations selling goods and services with payment through WebMoney Transfer. Management of purse is made via Capitaller, which allows the following:

  • create Budget Automation Tools (BA);
  • configure budgeting automation tools for processes and enterprises;
  • define and maintain incomes and expenses;
  • set purses for maintenance of budget items and perform different rules for the allocation of funds: to achieve a certain amounts in the purse in parts of the percentage of the total amount, on certain dates with certain periodicity, etc.;
  • assign responsibility for the maintenance of the budget, monitor purses of responsible persons, delegate management of purses.

See detailed description of Capitaller service and an example of using BA