Getting a credit

A member wanting to get a loan has to for an application for getting a loan.

The following is required to form an application to get a loan:

  • In WM Keeper, create a C-type purse (if it has not been created yet);
  • Enter the amount of the loan and amount to be returned, Z-type purse, as well the aim to get a loan, the warranties of return and other required parameters in the form showed at the menu command "Application for loans" at the link "Add application for getting a Loan",;
  • Press "Form application" button;

After making the described actions, the application of the debtor will be added to the "List of applications for getting a loan" where any certified (having at least initial certificate) member of the system can choose it.

In case if the application for getting a loan allows joint loan services, the loan can be given by several lenders; their maximum number is defined as greatest common divisor of the loan and repayment amounts. Each lender may give the amount divisible by relation of the entire required amount to the maximum quantity of lenders.

After the loan amount is fully made up, the corresponding WMZ amount will be transferred to Z-purse of the borrower and debt obligations in the amount to be repaid will be transferred to D-purse of the lender.

Simultaneously, there can exist only one acting application for getting a loan for each borrower.

You can get a loan and learn more detailed information about the work of Credit Exchange at the official website: —  Сredit.webmoney.ru