Credit Provision

You can arrange a loan for the customer by invoicing the goods and services both in automatic or manual mode.

Internet shops and services may automate their work with WebMoney Transfer system using Interface X1 — invoicing from one member (shop, resource) to another member (buyer) of the system. Details see at Web Merchant Interface.

Loans are provided for the term defined by the lender, and after its expiration, the member must fully repay their obligations.

Loan status of any member of WebMoney Transfer system can be checked in dialogue window "User properties" on the "Certificate" tab. If at setting the loan account, the status of the borrower does not correspond to the set requirements then there appears the message "Loan status of the user does not comply with the requirements."

Note that when entering a loan transaction, the service Paymer automatically registers unconditional debt obligation for the amount of the transaction. This obligation has the for of the bill Paymer of the Obligation type. When the conditions of the loan transaction will be fulfilled, the debt obligation will be automatically satisfied.

If the borrower failed to return the full amount in time, then the lender has the possibility to get this obligation for the amount of the residue which has not been repaid. In this case, the debt is written off from C- and D-purses of the transaction parties and its accounting and maintenance is transferred to Paymer service.

Repayment of Loan

To repay the received loan it is necessary to open the history of transactions of C-purse and having chosen one of the existing loans, press "Repay the loan". Then there will be opened a form requiring to specify the number of Z-purse to be used for repayment of the Loan (by default it is the purse with maximum amount of WMZ). In addition, the buyer shall specify in this form the amount to be repaid (by defualt it is full amount of the Loan or if the debtor does not have it, the amount of WMZin their purse). 

When pressing "Transfer" button, then from  Z-purse of the debtor and to Z-purse of the lender the specified amount of WMZ will be transferred, and the amounts in WMD and WMC in purses D и C of the transaction members will either return to zero or will be reduced by the corresponding amount. The Loan can be returned either via single transaction и or in any optional parts. At that it is considered to be repaid only in case if the debtor fully paid for the made purchase by WMZ title signs.