Agreement on General Terms of Service of Accounting of Property Rights Denominated in Russian Ruble

1. Definitions

1.1. Client - Any person who agrees to accept the Terms of this agreement, hereinafter referred to as the Agreement.
1.2. Authorised Organisation – Any organisation to which, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the Client has a right to claim, including organisations which are authorised to transfer funds and electronic funds in accordance with Federal Law 161-FZ “On the National Payment System”.
1.3. WMR – the scope of rights to claim of the Client to the Authorised Organisation, in the amount of monetary funds preliminary provided to the Authorised Organisation pursuant to the Contracts/Agreements/Rules concluded between the Parties, hereinafter referred to as the Agreement. Funds shall be provided to the Authorised Organisation in accordance with Federal Law 161-FZ “On the National Payment System”. The Terms of the Agreements are outlined in the relevant resources at http://wmr.webmoney.ru/.
1.4. Guarantor – SANTIKA BUSINESS GROUP INC, the company which provides to the Client within the scope of providing the informational and technological services via WebMoney Transfer technological platform the service of accounting of WMR within the rights to claim of the Client, hereinafter referred to as the Service.
1.5. Other terms and definitions are used in accordance with the terms and definitions as set out in the WebMoney Transfer System Rules and Procedures.

2. Scope of Agreement

2.1. The Guarantor provides the Client with the Service of accounting of WMR of the Client displayed in the R-type accounting records of the WebMoney Client in accordance with the Terms of the Agreement herein and the relevant Contracts.

3. The use of WMR

3.1. The Client has the right to transfer WMR to other Clients within the WMR which are accounted for on the WebMoney accounting records of the R-type of the Client.
3.2. All operations within the scope of the Agreement are conducted electronically via the Service, in accordance with the established Regulations and Rules in relation to the issuance and processing of electronic documents.As per above mentioned, the Customer shall formally acknowledge that the documents and formalised messages transmitted by means of specialised software are valid, authentic and present the judicial validity equivalent to the documents issued in a traditional manner (formed in a public place, in documentary form and on a physical medium), and shall recognise the actions conducted via the specialised software as the actions of the appropriate parties enacted bilaterally in the adopted special order, which shall be contested exclusively within the scope of the specially adopted bilateral conciliation.
3.3. The Authorised Organisation may charge a service fee for the transfer of WMR between Clients from the Client transferring the WMR, in accordance with the Agreement with the Authorised Organisation. In cases, stipulated by the Rules of the WebMoney Transfer System, the WebMoney Transfer service fee may be charged from the Client commencing the transfer of WMR.
3.4. The Client has the right to complete and verify the content of informative fields within the forms of electronic documents used, which contain the details of the special conditions (descriptions) of the transactions (Sale-Purchase Contracts/Agreements), payment receipts, et cetera, in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
3.5. The Client in possession of WMR, undertakes the full and complete responsibility, including administrative, criminal and other liability for transactions made using the WMR in their possession in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
3.6. The Agreement herein does not affect or change the Terms related to the sale and/or delivery of products, undertaking of works and provision of services or their quality, et cetera.
3.7. The responsibility to comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation in the exercise of transactions falls upon the parties of the transactions, namely the Clients.

4. Rights and Obligations of Parties

4.1. The Guarantor undertakes to:
4.1.1. Provide the Client with the service of accounting of WMR in the amount of the rights to claim which belong to the Client.
4.1.2. Publish the Rules of Authorised Organisations on the Guarantor's website at https://wmr.webmoney.ru/ upon the signing of the Agreement by the Client and upon any changes within the list of Authorised Organisations.
4.1.3. Keep confidential and not to divulge information on the accounting of WMR belong to the Client, on its operations and any other details about the Client to third parties, with the exception of the following situations: upon a court ruling which has entered into force; at the request of the competent authorities; at the request of the Authorised Organisation.
4.2. The Client undertakes to:
4.2.1. Undergo the identification or the simplified identification procedure in cases stipulated by the Rules of the Authorised Organisation.
4.2.2. Provide accurate and reliable information (in relation to them and third parties) for the timely execution of orders.
4.2.3. In the case of making transfers using means of electronic payments, comply with the Rules of Authorised Organisations.
4.2.4. When exchanging WMR with another Client, comply with the Rules for the provision of the SWAP service which can be found at https://swap.ru.
4.2.5. In the interaction with the Guarantor, use only functioning and tested for the absence of a malicious code computers and other equipment, and prevent the appearance of software aimed at changing, copying and destroying the Service in the computer environment where the Service of the Guarantor operates.
4.2.6. Take full responsibility for the provision, at their own expense, of all the equipment, software, systems and telecommunications required for the access, receipt and use of the Service, including the receipt of notifications of the transaction status and progress on the WebMoney accounting record of the R type.
4.2.7. Provide the Guarantor, including at the request of the Authorised Organisation in accordance with the Rules of the Authorised Organisation and within the term set by the Guarantor, any information and documents required by the Guarantor and/or the Authorised Organisation in order to carry out legal duties, including prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing.
4.3. The Guarantor has the right to:
4.3.1. Unilaterally refuse to execute the Agreement herein in the event of incorrect indication by the Client of one or more of their essential requisites identifying them as an individual under the legislation of the Russian Federation and which established by the legislation of the Russian Federation as binding upon entering into this type of agreement, and in the event where the Client fails to provide information in accordance with para. 4.2.7. of the Agreement herein.
4.3.2. Suspend the access rights to the Service of the Client at the legal request of the competent authorities, the Authorised Organisation or in the event of suspected unlawful or unauthorised use of the Service, for the period required to determine the circumstances.
4.3.3. Unilaterally make amendments to the Agreement herein and to the tariffs of the Guarantor by notifying the Client no later than one day prior to the changes coming into force by publishing the Agreement electronically on the Guarantor's website.

5. Terms on Conclusion and Termination of Agreement

5.1. The Agreement herein shall not be concluded with the Client located in the territory of any of the following countries: the United States of America, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. The list of states and persons may be changed by the Guarantor unilaterally at any time.
5.2. The Client enters into the Agreement in electronic form implicitly confirming his intention to obtain access to the Service for the registration of the WMR Client on the terms and conditions proposed by the Service. The concluding action which determines the moment the Agreement enters into force is the creation of the account requisite of the WebMoney Client of the type R by the Client.
5.3. The Agreement shall cease to be effective and shall be considered terminated as initiated by the Client from the moment the Client deletes their WebMoney Client account of the R type. The Agreement shall not be terminated if the balance on the above-mentioned WebMoney Client account of the R type is above zero.

6. Requisites of the Guarantor:

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