For sellers 

We offer you a number of simple and safe options for payment for goods and services on your site. Connection to the system is free. 

Our managers are ready to consult you by email: merchant@guarantee.ru.

Information about WMZ / WME receiving can be found at WebMoney Wiki.

Inquiries e-mail: info@wmtransfer.com

For credit organizations 

We offer banks mutually participate in a variety of joint projects. Among them are: to accept payments for WebMoney, to link the WebMoney wallet with bank account, and much more.

For exchange offices

Organize your own exchange office and make a profit for the exchange operations at your own rates - from 1 to 5%.

For Future Guarantors

Titular characters of a certain type - WMR, WMZ, WME and others are in use in the WebMoney system Each type of titular characters is an analogue of the currency of any country. Issue of title characters of a certain type implements by guarantor - organization, storing and managing of emission insuring. If the currency of your country has no equivalent among the WebMoney titular characters, - you have the opportunity to become a guarantor.

Partnership program of the verification center

Take part in the Partnership program of the WebMoney Transfer verification center and earn by issuing certificates to new system participants.

For future System consultants

If you are an experienced WebMoney Transfer user and are willing to provided paid consultancy services, such as registration help, etc., you can become an authorized consultant. For this purpose you must acquire a personal passport in the Verification center and complete the registration form.

After that you will appear on WebMoney Transfer consultants list. You will be able to provide assistance to potential new users who fail to register in the system.

You also set the service fee amount and payment method. This information will appear in the consultant's personal details.

We will be glad to answer your questions and comments!