Purse management

Keeper Standard (Mini)

Regular web-site purse. It is compatible with any browsers, including mobile.

Apps and Social Media

A simple and user-friendly application for mobile devices, MacOS and Linux.


Install the app with a QR code

Keeper for social networks



For professional use

Keeper WebPro (Light)

Web-site purse with extended functions.

Access is accomplished through a personal digital certificate

Keeper WinPro (Classic)

Program for MS Windows.

Access is accomplished through the use of a private key. The key can be stored in a file or in a protected E-NUM storage.  Download for MS Windows


E-NUM is an up-to-date authorization system that offers enhanced information security. The system allows users to store WM Keeper keys in its database, thus ensuring secure use of your electronic purses and WebMoney services  from virtually any computer.