Types of WebMoney Purses

The System currently supports the following types of purses which account for property rights of different types of valuables:

  • R-Purse: WMR — a bearer cheque in Russian Rubles;
  • E-Purse: WME — electronic money in Euro;
  • B-Purse: WMB — electronic money in Belarusian Ruble;
  • G-Purse: WMG — a storage certificate on exchange-traded gold in a certified storage;
  • Z-Purse: WMZ — a certificate for purchase of products and services from suppliers listed in the Megastock catalogue, in US Dollars;
  • K-Purse: WMK — assignment of rights on receipt of EKZT of a specified amount from the Guarantor;
  • V-purse:  WMV — electronic money in Vietnamese Dong.
  • X-purse: WMX — Bitcoin “coins” transferred for storage (bitcoin.org);
  • H-purse: WMH —  BitcoinCash “coins” transferred for storage (bitcoincash.org);
  • L-purse: WML —  Litecoin “coins” transferred for storage (litecoin.org);

The unit of measurement of property rights for the valuables held by a Guarantor is a WebMoney title unit of the relevant type.

System participants can open purses with any Guarantor by accepting the relevant Agreement. For user convenience, all of the purses of a user are kept in a single storage (Keeper) which is assigned with a user registration number, WMID. The description of how a WMID operates together with the Terms of Use are outlined in the Agreement on Property Rights Transfer accepted by a user upon signing up with the System.