Actions while blocking purse

Blocking – it is temporary suspension of operations on WMID account.


Blocking can be set in the following cases:

  • automatically if there are bad loans;
  • if there is the lawsuit filed against you;
  • by Arbitration Service in case of violation of Rules of the System;

Blocking is a temporary measure until the cause of blocking will be eliminated.

You can check whether WMID is blocked or not WebMoney Passport web site after you authorize your WMID. Put WMID in search field and click Enter.

Checking of debts and loans of WMID

The amount of debt load is played in your C-purse balance.

Check in your C-purse history all loans pay-back periods and reimburse overdue credit.

Detailed instruction how to reimburse the credit.

Detailed instruction how to reimburse the credit and unblock WMID.

Suspension of WMID operation on the basis of legal action or claim

Suspension of WMID operation is applied under the complain of another member of the system, the member would be notified via WM Keeper and email. You can see all complaints towards your WMID on Arbitration service web site in "Complaints" My Claims. In section "Legal actions" you may see all claims where you are the participant.

If the lawsuit was filed against you then you should take part in investigation, provide all information that may help to expedite the examination of claim. Unblocking your WMID is possible only after examination of claim is finished and after the enforcement of arbitration award, such as amends are made by responsible party.

Arbitration Service requirements for Personal Passport obtaining.

Suspension of WMID operation can be both as a result from the lawsuit which was filed against you and your violation of System agreement or your purse operations are considered as fraudulent.

Arbitration Service may require to get Personal WM Passport in order to verify your personal data.

The reason for this requirement is Member’s responsibility (5.1.b "Agreement on Property Rights Transfer by Means Of Digital Units")

to provide authentic personal details and contact information when registering with the WEBMONEY TRANSFER system and inform us in good time should it change by following the WEBMONEY TRANSFER procedures. A WebMoney Transfer User undertakes the responsibility of following the WEBMONEY TRANSFER set standard procedures for providing contact details and copies of identity documents, and a sample of a handwritten signature when applying to receive rights to the operations within the system, which require such information, and/or for consideration of disputes with other users of the WEBMONEY TRANSFER system;

This requirement - is the basis of personal handwritten signature analog validation: c) to recognize e-documents, drafted in the WEBMONEY TRANSFER System (orders, agreements, accounting records, account record statements, certificates) and certified by an analogue of the handwritten signature, having the same legal power as the relevant documents executed in a written form; any documents, forwarded to Our address, shall be signed with the own signature and contain reference to the analogue of the handwritten signature You use in the WEBMONEY TRANSFER System;

After you obtain Personal WM Passport, you will be asked to explain what type of business you do and explain the transactions which were considered as fraudulent. These measures are necessary for Arbitration Service to make a decision for reactivation of your WMID.

In case of refusal to confirm your identity by obtaining Personal WM Passport or when revealing the deliberate violation of System Rules and identifying fraudulent activity, you will be denied in operating and asked to leave the system without the possibility of its use at any time in the future.