Changing BL

Each member of the system has Business level BL (Business Level).

BL is a public description of the total level of business activity of the WM-identifier owner, which is calculated based on data on the following:

  • duration of active use of WebMoney Transfer;
  • the number of contacts with whom the member has had the transactions;
  • the amount of the performed transactions;
  • presence of blocking complaints or claims against the member.

The calculations of BL take into account  both incoming and outgoing operations.

BL is constantly changing  - it increases and decreases as it is not a counter for certain actions, but takes into account the real activity of using the system. When transferring the same amount to the same contact, BL will not grow substantially, as activity means variety in amount and destination of the transfers.

Business level reflects the current activity of the member in the system and helps to assess the reliability of a member with whom you have to deal for the first time.

If WMID of the member is blocked that BL value becomes equal to 0, at unblock, BL is recovered during 24 hours.

Where can we get WebMoney member BL:

  1. BL value can be seen in passport data of the member (item 2) of the system at the website Verification centre .


  2. In Business network

    WebMoney.Events, where you can also see the diagram of BL changes for a member of the system.


    In Business Network you can see activity of the member of the system in various services such as Credit, Debt and other. If a contact added to your contacts, you can see the feed of his/her events, see which services he/she is active in, quantity of contacts, whether you have any common contacts.