Recovering control

In most cases, recovering control over the WM-identifier takes 2-3 minutes.

Make an application for for recovering control.

The first step is to enter your WMID, over which the control is lost and click "Continue". If you have forgotten your WMID, enter the phone number or e-mail address from your registration data. The system will find your WMID and send the results to you in an SMS-message or an e- mail.

Enter WMID

Then enter your birth date and click "Continue".

Selection of the birth date

Follow the instructions of the wizard for recovery procedures.


Features of ways to manage purses and details of recovering access to them

  1. Keeper Standard is a simple purse-website available immediately after registration in WebMoney.

    Access is provided via a login and password or through authorization of a social network account.

  2. Keeper WinPro is a program for computers running under MS Windows.

    To access the purse, you must have:

    • WMID (12-digit unique number),
    • password to log in WMID,
    • key file (a file with the extension *.kwm),
    • password to the key file.
  3. Keeper WebPro is a website-purse with extended possibilities. It works in all browsers.

    Recovering control is necessary at the loss of existing X.509 certificate or failure to extend the validity of the certificate.