For exchange offices

You can arrange own exchange office and get profits for the exchange transactions with WebMoney titular characters for cash, or for electronic currency of other systems.

To open exchange office easy: 

To ensure that the exchange point has the opportunity to work with third individuals,  it needs to get the status of authorized exchange office system. For this we need to get personal certificate (for WMR and WMU dealers it is issued in the process of signing contract).

  1. It is necessary to register the website of the exchange office in the & nbsp; MegaStock catalog in " Electronic currency input-output "or" Online e-currency exchange".

  2. During the registration process it is necessary to accept the Agreement on "Terms and Conditions of placing information about the exchange WM-office on the Transfer webmoney system website", prescribe the exchange rates for cash / non-cash payments or electronic currencies. Only after this information about your services will placed in  the appropriate website sections of system and exchange office will be authorized. 
  3. For   the WMR-exchange transactions as a system dealer it is required to meet the conditions listed on  the site authorized company, and by providing the necessary data to conclude dealership agreement.
  4. For the WMU-exchange transactions as a system dealer it is required to meet the conditions that are listed on  the site of WMU-dealer, and providing the necessary data, also enter into a dealership agreement

     For general questions, you can contact with: all@wmtransfer.com.

    You can also familiarize yourself with the list of current authorized exchange offices.